Tree Following – Plumping Up

IMG_0128It is not my imagination, there is definitely some plumping up going on in Larchland (the one of undoubted European descent).  Only a faithful follower would notice the subtle swelling of the dormant buds, the aura of awakening.  Only a true devotee would peer so closely, with such optimism and growing impatience.  However, as Phil Colins nearly once said “You Can’t Hurry Bud”.

9 thoughts on “Tree Following – Plumping Up

  1. This Tree Following is great for getting us to really peer at trees and notice the smallest changes.
    Phil Collins said: You can’ t hurry… what? I don’ t recall any reference to trees. Mind you it is a long time since I listened to a pop song. Perhaps everyone is singing about them now. And so they should.


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