Barrel Rolling

IMG_0202Last week marked the grand occasion of the inaugural Rolling a Half Barrel Up a Steep Hill Championships at the Farm.  For those of you who have never attempted this feat, I can assure you that it is an extremely demanding and dangerous sport, both physically and emotionally.  The barrel has a contrary tenancy to veer off to one side and (in case it had slipped your mind) a hill is involved.  There are prizes for first over the line, stylistic content and artistic interpretation.  The Bookies Choice, Mrs G, was on top form and I am thrilled to report is now the reigning champion in all categories.  Mind you the lack of any other competitors may well have had some bearing on this result.  We will wait with bated breath to see what occurs next year.  Applications are now open for 2016 event.  Please note that you will have to supply your own barrel and these will be closely examined for any illegal modifications.

10 thoughts on “Barrel Rolling

  1. In an attempt to make next years competition more fresh and interesting, Mrs G has decided to set light to the barrel before pushing it up the hill.
    At least that’s what I think she meant by muttering “Flaming Barrel”…


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