Blossom (3)Last week I met Mr and Mrs G’s son, G Junior, and he was asked if we had been previously introduced.  “No” he said “But I think I have heard her yodelling”.  I would like to make two comments about this observation:

1.  This is very likely to be true.
2.  He seemed singularly unsurprised by it.

I will leave you to make of this what you will.

9 thoughts on “Yodel

    • Not proper yodelling. When we were kids me and my brothers used to try to yodel, we must have seen it on Heidi or perhaps a cowboy, it must have sent my mother crazy! Anyway, I am pleased to tell you that it is like riding a bicycle, I can still perform with the skill I did all those years ago! 🙂


  1. Haha, this is funny, what a great skill to have learnt. I think Heidi was one of those programmes that contributed to wanting to work outside, yodelling or otherwise.


  2. Well, I am impressed. Perhaps you could add some Mongolian overtone chanting to your repertoire. I am pretty good at it but I have to wait until I am alone to do it or I get funny looks .


  3. Bravo to G Junior for not being surprised. Heidi (the book) was a great childhood favourite of mine. In fact, whenever well meaning people tell me that cheese isn’t good for me, I think to myself, “If it was good enough for Heidi, it’s good enough for me”.


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