IMG_0305 (2)Complacency – don’t do it!  For some inexplicable reason, certainly not involving excitement or adventure of any kind, I have hurt my shoulder/shoulder blade/ribs/back kind of area.  After a night without a wink of sleep (well it felt like it anyway) I did not have a happy day.  Pretty grumpy on the whole.  It hurt to lay on my left side, right side, front, back.  It hurt to cough, to move position and most inconveniently, to breathe.  Not conducive to sleep.  Perhaps foolishly I took some ibuprofen and went to work.  It hurt to reach, to carry, to dig, oh and to breathe.  Not conducive to being a gardener.  All this just as spring is sprunging.  Actually, really grumpy now.  This chaenomeles, an unnamed flowering quince, did go some way to cheer me up.  So did George the Pig’s squidged up face as he legged it across the field when this afternoon he spotted me at the gate.  I know it is possible this was because he thought I had an apple for him (I did) , but it may have been that he could see my pain and wanted to cheer me up.  I thought you might like a picture of the lovely flower, it may help if you have also had such a day.  I will save lovely George for another day.

23 thoughts on “Complacency

  1. I am empathise with you, speaking from recent experience, overdone the repetitive digging and duly given myself a sciatic injury. Fortunately my minions (slave labour) have rallied to the cause (not of their own choice), although I did manage to lift a cup of tea later in the day.


  2. Do so hope you will get better soon.I think you are so noble working in all weathers.I’m such a wimp .

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  3. Here’s hoping you feel better soon. I spent yesterday going up and down a ladder and feel like heck today. But, that flower is gorgeous. Such a beautiful shade of peachy pink. It sure made me feel better as I sit with a ice bag on my back and one on my knee.


  4. This is a delicious quince but I am sorry to hear about your injury 😦 If it hurts to breath it may be something with a rib and surrounding area. Take some rest (there is a whole season ahead of you!).

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  5. Oh, poor you! Are you quite certain you haven’t broken a rib? I don’t like the sound of “. . .it (inconveniently) hurt to breathe.” Anyway, I do want you to get well and I’m amazed by the way you can find humour in the most dire situations.


  6. I have just stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying it so much that I keep forgetting I need to stop and call quits for the day…! Best wishes for feeling better soon 🙂


  7. I’m sitting with a strap around my knee at the moment (please don’t say ‘old maids knee) and it’s dull, damp and grey, but looking at this lovely flower has lifted my spirits, thank you.
    Happy Easter xx


  8. Rest might help but getting it checked out is a good plan – Mrs TT used to be a radiographer and does not think that any pain like yours would be a nuisance to a doctor. Hope you are able to get some sleep and have a good weekend.


  9. Lovely quince! It reminds me of ‘Cameo’ which is my favorite although I’ve had the white ‘Toyo Nishiki’ as well. And as for injuries…. well, my body started garden-complaining just about at age 50, believe it or not. First the right knee (can’t put any pressure on it), then the right wrist (borderline CTS), and then of course the almighty lower back (three herniated discs at last count, so I’ve now stopped counting, lol). “Be careful out there”, as Sgt. Whateverhisnamewas used to say! 😉


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