Tree Following – In the Green

IMG_0380 (2)And we are off!!! The larch has finally awoken and each and every branch, branchlet (and curiously also at odd intervals across the trunk) is now covered with thousands upon thousands of lime green whirls.  Over the last week or so they have evolved from bashful mini-shaving brushes to porcupines in full display.  You can almost feel the energy, their enthusiastic gusto, as they burst forth in a way that surely encapsulates the word “spring”.  I can’t help thinking this is going to be the my perfect “watching” moment.  That it would be hard to beat this time when everything is so fresh, so innocent.  These avocado hued needles have yet to toughen, they are yet to be exposed to wind or rain or harsh sun, they are soft and pliable and vulnerable.  But harden they will and they will continue to do their job of feeding this tree throughout the summer into autumn, whether I think they are more or less beautiful than before.  That of course is the most important thing.

IMG_0405 (2)


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