Dig for Victory

IMG_0570 (2)Today I have been digging.  I am not a great advocate of digging generally, but sometimes it is necessary, and this was one of those times.  Luckily I was ably assisted by a strong young man who showed an admirable interest in the soil.  We talked about its importance, how if you look after your soil it will look after you, how both historically and currently it is abused and polluted, how easy it is to enrich and renew, how we owe it to the world do just this.  We also had a “who could find the longest root of bindweed” competition.   I am far too cag-handed for this highly skilled undertaking, so am uncertain why I suggested it at all.  It was doomed to failure on my part.  My unerring competitive nature I suppose.  Unfortunately my measly attempts came in 4th and 5th behind the whippersnapper.  He could have been a little more discreet in his victory.  So after three hours I left him to it and went home to have a well earned siesta.  Hope he managed without me!

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