Holy Grail

IMG_0614 (2)Of course I had heard the stories, but I dismissed them as folklore.  Surely it couldn’t possibly be true, it was just idle gossip.  And then this week I saw one for myself, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, it was in truth an immaculate hosta.  So apparently they really do exist, it was not just a tale our parents told us at night to send us on the fast train to dreamland, just as generations had done before them.  This dry spell has meant the tedium of trudging throughout the garden, arms stretching under the weight of watering cans.  However one great advantage to this mini-drought, notwithstanding the gardener’s mood enhancement, has been that our friends (obviously said with irony) the molluscs have not thrived, affording the emerging foliage a good head start.  Perhaps though we should remember this hole free moment, it is unlikely to last.

22 thoughts on “Holy Grail

    • I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday when I took this photo. What I thought (for what it is worth) is that perhaps they have such lush large leaves that it doesn’t matter if a proportion gets eaten. I am sure there is a proper grown up scientific reason, would love to know.

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  1. That’s a lovely hosta. I’ve hardly ever seen hosta’s without munch holes. Even the ace gardening lady round the corner from me has holes in hers. I’ve never bothered with them in my garden – bit too damp in my part of manchester 😦


  2. When I lived on the west coast I tried to grow hostas but the monsterous slugs thought I was giving them candy. One time I bought a huge one at a nursery (thinking it would be big enough to take a few hits) put it in the ground and the NEXT MORNING there was nothing but a few limp veins. But I am left wondering if maybe you used photoshop to create this mythic image hahahaha (kidding)


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