Cunning Plan No. 237

IMG_0830 (2) I had a cunning plan today, yes another one!  Actually it was quite ingenious whilst still in the safe confines of my head.  If I written it down it would have been most excellent on paper.  However, when put into practice, the theory met with a few variables that had not been allowed for.   It seemed quite straightforward:  stinging nettles en masse, a willing man with a strimmer, an empty water butt and a new tap close by.   For those of you not keeping up, let me spell it out – WM would strim off the nettles, pack into the water butt which I would then fill with water; voila a free and effective liquid fertiliser.   So nettle were strimmed, packed and water was added.  Then the water came straight out again.  It appears that the water butt had a leak.  WM bravely unpacked the nettles again.  He managed a grimace when I pointed out (accompanied by my most charming smile) “it could have been worse, they could be brambles”. He fixed the leak, repacked and ran away as fast as his legs would take him.  Can’t think why!

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