IMG_0849 (2)Above are some of the plants I have bought this week.  Our garden is tiny.  There is no where for these plants to go but still I buy them.  Earlier in the week the plant sale at U3A offered cheap but well-grown plants, so a candelabra primula and the golden variegated grass Hakonechloa macra aureola along with some house leeks and hellebore seedlings could not be ignored. It would have been rude.  At a wet, windy Powerham Castle Garden Festival yesterday, solace from the dire conditions was taken from a venus fly trap, Dodecatheon meadia, Tulipa linifolia, Euphorbia x martinii and a South Africa restio Calopsis paniculata (3m tall, what’s your problem?) Oh, I nearly forgot the variegated form of creeping Fuchsia procumbens.  Of course a spot will be found for them, there always is somewhere.  Plant buying is a drug, and it feels darned good!

22 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Your choices all look very hard to resist. I do it too and then end up giving half away. But I rarely buy posh clothes and I have the same fleece on day in day out, so do not feel too guilty. 🙂


  2. There is always, ALWAYS a permanent cosmic justification for buying the golden Japanese forest grass; finding it on sale or at a more-than-fair price then raises it to the level of criminal-if-you-don’t, LOL 🙂


  3. Hello, my name is MM and I too am a plantaholic.
    No way am I going on detox ~ I have to buy for my clients!
    Although I will admit to securing a long time lust list plant today ~ a Veratrum viride has become a member of my brood.


  4. Gosh Gill, there are so many of us. I suggest we club together a buy a nice country estate somewhere with plenty of acres and start the opposite of a therapy centre – a place where people can indulge their plant addiction with unlimited space and no nagging partners to put the dampener on their enthusiasm. I spent most of my day today juggling stuff around to squeeze new acquisitions in and still managed to buy more online. I think I might need counselling!


  5. It’s by far the best addiction to have!! It saves the NHS money as it makes happier people. As for the Hakonechloa, that will look fabulous in a pot, mine has been pot-grown for over 20 years, and houseleeks will add to the pot collection. I’m glad that someone reminded me about the plant fair at Rosemoor……. I’m sure I can find space for a few more pots.


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