Tree Watching – Trauma

IMG_0875On the face of it my larch is doing splendidly.  The downy growth of last month is maturing fast and although still fresh-faced now has an increased look of adulthood.  An aura of its first flush still remains but is swiftly outgrowing its innocence.  However it seems that life has not always been so carefree and rosy for my new friend.

IMG_0873 (2)Even the most renown of botanic gardens nail labels to their specimens, it must therefore follow that it is considered harmless by The Wise Ones.  Still it makes me cringe.  The reason this particular nail was hammered into the blameless trunk is unclear but it pains me to see it there.  It seems rather sad to reduce this wonderful tree to a mere notice board or somewhere to hang your fairy lights.

IMG_0874More severe and, in turn, distressing is the trauma towards the base of the tree.  At some point in its life it was damaged, perhaps by the dreaded strimmer, perhaps a bunny had a nibble, perhaps a vehicle knocked into it when the driver was distracted by the bunny.  A small wound can enlarge as the tree grows making it seem more catastrophic than it was initially.  This large area stripped of bark exposing the wood below looks raw and vulnerable.  Although not sightly the tree lives on, undaunted by its disfigurement, keeping secret the story of its ordeals.  I think I love it all the more for its resilience.

16 thoughts on “Tree Watching – Trauma

  1. Poor tree. It’s amazing what trees suffer, usually at human hands or their instruments, and yet, still thrive. Though things, those trees.


  2. They can endure quite a lot, that’s for sure. I don’t see anything hanging from the nail, so what’s its purpose?


  3. A lesson for us all in overcoming adversity!
    Recently I saw for sale some rather large bulbs. Each bulb had a label stapled into its side! Cruel and unusual punishment for an innocent bulb!


  4. It always makes me cringe when I see signs nailed onto trees. In a favourite wood of mine there is a footpath sign pinned onto the most amazing beech tree. Ouch, how insensitive. Your Larch certainly has some war wounds but what a delightful tree to watch round the year.


  5. The pine tree I followed last year had several substantial nails sticking out of its trunk It puzzled me but it’s never struck me that nailing notices to trees might be a bad thing. Maybe because it happens a lot in picture in story books.


  6. Your tree is quite amazing. In many ways it’s much like people. We all have our beautiful side and our ugly side when it comes to our physical appearance or our inner appearance. Our outward wounds, our physical scars, are arrived at in different ways and make us stand out from those around us. They tell the story of “us”. I think your tree does that too!


  7. “A stricken tree, a living thing, so beautiful, so dignified, so admirable in its potential longevity, is, next to man, perhaps the most touching of wounded objects.”

    Edna Ferber


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