IMG_1106One way to limit weeds in the border is to cover every square inch with plants, strangling any intruders before they can get a hold.  Lavinia and Lionel are masters of this method.  So what do I say when the lovely Lav presents me with a new purchase and says “Now where shall we put this beauty?”.

12 thoughts on “Undercover

  1. That’s my favorite weed-control method too (lush dense groundcover). Aside from the aesthetics, I’d much rather have something that increases over time than mulch which breaks down and has to be continually repleni$hed!


      • Tell me about it. Last week I tried Grass-B-Gone on part of the creeping sedum that had been invaded well past the point of hand-eradicating. The GbG did kill the grass. Also the sedum. Oh well, the sedum would have had to be yanked out anyway. (former owners had no barrier at all between lawn and sedum bed, how silly is that?)


  2. I agree covering the ground is the best weed control and a tapestry of plants looks wonderful. It doesn’t work for ground elder though. You can always dig up a bit of Geranium to make room for more plants. Or the lawn. Who needs lawn?


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