Mixed Bag

IMG_1330 (2)I am not usually a fan of mixed seed collections, call me an unadventurous coward if you must, but the lottery of colour and form is usually disappointing.  This californian poppy came from one such collection and it is the first of the bag that has caught my eye.  The folds of the petals, ranging from burnt orange to deep yellow give depth and distinction to the flower.  Almost corrugated, pleated with a natty central twist, just like the Issey Miyake dress I haven’t got.  Just beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. Issey Miyake. That brings back memories. I bought one a long time ago in Paris (in a sale) on a whim. It has a classical work of art printed on the front of it (my description) or a Fallen Madonna with big boobies (Mikes’s description) and as such I am not allowed to wear it.

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  2. I love Californian poppies. That intense tangerine orange on silken petals is like no other flower. Neither of our gardens is really hot and sunny enough for them, but elsewhere in Broadstairs people grow them very successfully. I wear L’eau d’Issey but that’s as far as I’d go 😉


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