Running up the Down Escalator

IMG_3637I love working at The Farm.  It is always fun and a bit bonkers and unexpected things tend to happen.  I especially love the animals, each and every one of them.  Well not quite.  Today Slasher Shorn said to me “I used to love chickens until I came to work here”, glad it’s not just me.  These are evil chucks, they have no fear, take no instruction, they hunt in packs and with their demonic claws rip plants out of the ground leaving them to suffocate and shrivel in the sun.  Where they have learnt this bad behaviour I could not hazard a guess.

Just as I was leaving this evening Mrs G walked up the lane towards me holding some raggedly vegetation in her mitts.  “I have dug up the docks” she proudly informed me.  My face in a rictus grin said “Those are the verbascum that I planted last week”.

Is there any hope?

The salvias are doing well.

So far.

14 thoughts on “Running up the Down Escalator

  1. I know this wasn’t meant to be funny, but I did get a couple of chuckles and for that I thank you. Chickens are funny critters, and I like knowing ours are either in their coop or in their run. End of that story. And many gardeners are like many cooks…


  2. I have the opposite problem ~ my boyfriend likes to help by planting things deep ~ including the bearded iris rhizomes!


      1. Oh yes ~ he likes to dig! Bulbs fly everywhere when he’s in mischief mode. Bless him.


  3. When chickens go bad… Ours used to throw themselves at the kitchen window every time the fridge was opened. One day we left the doors open and came downstairs to find one on the counter hurling fruit from the fruit bowl to the others on the floor. Another day I heard a sound and found them half way up the stairs (on the White carpet)…


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