Sleep or not to sleep

DSCI0008 (2)The hottest day of the year and we are told it won’t get much cooler tonight.   This concerns me.  We all have skills, things that come naturally to us, we excel in activities that others may struggle over.  This might be watercolour painting, tightrope walking or ventriloquism.  Mine is sleeping.   Generally it takes approximately 30 seconds from when my head hits the pillow to be transported to an eventful and energetic dreamland.  This will last uninterrupted until I am roused and brought back to this other reality a minimum of 8 hours later.  I don’t wish to brag, but I can say without fear of contradiction, I am pretty darned good at sleeping.  Being the possessor of this extraordinary talent is unfortunately a double-edged sword.  If my sublime nighttime slumbers are disturbed by worries, Motorhead practicing next door, or hot Hot HOT I am like a damp flannel the next day.  Unlike some great and not so great statesmen and women I cannot exist on two 10 minute power naps a day.  I need sleep, and I need a lot of it.  After a day acting like a human solar panel, I will probably be releasing some extra heat myself overnight.  So the prognosis is not great for tomorrow, sorry L&L I might be a little groggy in the morning.  If I go missing you might find me curled up behind the camellia, snuggled up in the Alchemilla mollis.

12 thoughts on “Sleep or not to sleep

  1. You will find many jealous people who lie awake all night counting sheep or redecorating the bedroom, One friend swears she wakes for a bathroom break and returns to pick up in her dream exactly where she left off. Nice work unless you happen to have been chased by a serial killer before you woke up. I have collected quite a flock of fuzzy sheep during the years, and my bedroom still needs redecorating.

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  2. Oh, I am so envious of your 8 hours of uninterrupted slumber! Until a couple of years ago I was good for a solid 7-8 hours, easy; but then health issues made getting 3 hours a “typical” night and if I was lucky, perhaps four. I’ve gradually managed to reprogram my sleep clock so that most times I can get 6 hrs but with several brief wakeups between hours four and six (and I’ve tried ALL the recommended tricks except for sleep aids which I refuse to use). Supposedly sleep typically becomes more fragmented as we age, so this may be the new normal – but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, LOL


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