Heat wave, what heat wave?

IMG_3910 (2)They promised a heat wave.  Lasting the whole week, with blistering sunshine and record temperatures.  The scoundrels promised me!  So what did we get?  Rain.  Not a shower or a mist of mizzle, proper heavy soaking rain all morning and well into the afternoon.  As a gardener I should be pleased.  As a human being I was outraged.  Initially I resisted putting sensible clothing on, my disbelief preventing me from committing to this weather.  Eventually I conceded.  Then at 2.30pm, now fully encased in waterproofs, the sun came out in full summer glory, as if a switch was flicked.   As if it was a hilarious joke on me.  Result: boil in the bag gardener.  This phenomenon is not something I would recommend to even rapid weight loss junkies.

16 thoughts on “Heat wave, what heat wave?

  1. Rain? You had rain? Oh it’ s not fair. My garden is going into desert mode. I’ m thinking of looking for some of those big cactus things that they have in cowboy films.


    • Mind you when it eventually stopped (after 6 hours of rain) the ground was dry just below the surface. Definitely could do with more, but just at night please. Those big cactusy things look very impressive, but concerned about the big cactusy prickles!


  2. That’s what I probably hate most when working outside: rain suit covers and then blazing sun hitting on you; sauna, yek!


      • There are forest fires all over the province and a haze is hanging over us. Yesterday the sky was a strange yellow colour and the sun was an unnatural reddish-orange. Today is better. We might get some rain in a week or so. Any rain you could send our way would be welcome!


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