Tree Following – Apology

IMG_3628 (2)First an apology.  I’m so sorry I missed last month’s tree following.  I remembered a little too late and the door was closed.  I have apologised to the keeper of the Tree Following Portal, the lovely Lucy Corrander , and I have been absolved for my blogging sins. This generosity of spirit may have been influenced by the fact she didn’t manage to post either.  For once in my life I am definitely “in with the in crowd”.

IMG_1151As usual, I digress, let us get back to the subject in hand, the larch, my beautiful larch.  Well it is doing quite well.  To my mere human eyes anyway.  A couple of weeks ago it was looking a little brown in the needle department, slightly singed on the ends, which was a bit of a worry until something else came along to distract my attention.   Fortunately it has bucked up signficantly and once more is looking lush and luxuriant.  It was quite a dry spring so this may well have stressed the poor chap out.  A healthy dose of North Devon rain and all is well again.

IMG_3905There are no signs of new cones as yet and I look as often as I remember and is decent to do so.  Now that mid summer has passed and we creep slowly towards the autumn equinox their appearance must be imminent, perhaps next month.

I must rush as I can hear that door beginning to close again and I am not sure I would be forgiven again.  I will leave you with my favourite memory of this month, as the larch reaches down its elegant boughs to greet the hay meadow beyond.

Larch (2)

10 thoughts on “Tree Following – Apology

  1. What stunning photos! I love that you are looking towards autumn – I find it very satisfying to watch for the signs of the seasons as they merge into one another.

    PS I was too late for the link box in June too – good to know I was in good company!


  2. Did I already said that the larch is one of my favourite tree? I am ashamed; I think I missed the link box in June and probably I’ll miss it again. I need a tree with a very wide trunk so I can hide behind…


  3. A beautiful tree in a beautiful setting… I’ve never been lucky enough to see a larch in person; they’re not commonly grown anyplace I’ve lived. So it will be exciting to watch yours… most months… 😉


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