Colour Scene – Orange

Wallflower (2)This week I have decided to have one my “theme” weeks.  A week is just about the extent of my attention after which I tend to get bored and drift off into some other random ramblings.  I hope I am not being over ambitious.  At first I considered a “rainbow” week, seven colours, seven days, they were made for each other.  Then I realised that this may be a little problematical as I have never been quite sure of the difference between indigo and violet, and blue can even be a little dodgy.  So the week’s subject is going to be purely “colour” or more accurately, because I find it impossible to use one word when two will suffice, “colour scene”.  Today is the turn of Orange, a hue that evokes much opinion.  Personally I love it.  Although this perennial wallflower is called Erysimum “Apricot Twist” to my mind it is as orange as, well an orange.

11 thoughts on “Colour Scene – Orange

  1. A beautiful shade of orange, I can imagine that planted with some Geranium ‘Orion’ in all its blueness and some golden leaved oregano.


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