Colour Scene – Black and White

IMG_0050 (2)Meet my new boss, Max.  I will be helping look after his garden.  Whether or not I can depend on his assistance I have yet to ascertain.   My initial survey of this garden included sightings of eucryphia, illicium (had to get ID from clever people on this one), many magnolias, several mature apple trees, an enormous Cornus kousa “Porlock” in full flow, a giant paulonia, an embothrium and a few “unknown but intriguing and hope to find out later’s”.  An adorable puppy and wonderful specimen trees and shrubs, it is like my own personalised version of “These are a few of my favourite things”.  Forget the “brown paper packages”, bring on the fern leaved lomatia, you can keep the “bright copper kettles” they are trumped by a fragrant Katsura and as for the “blue satin sashes” you’re having a laugh, I want to play with this little kelpie (in break time only of course).

11 thoughts on “Colour Scene – Black and White

  1. Adorable plant list and adorable puppy, it does sound like a dream job but I hope he does not feel that he has to help with the digging.


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