Colour Scene – Red, red, red

IMG_0074This was definitely the right time of year to run “Colour Scene”.  Everything at the moment seems to be in Technicolor, as if it were being viewed through a filter, intensifying and concentrating the hues.  This is in part due to the copious rain we have had in the last few days which is exacerbated by the re-emergence of our summer sun.   In fact I have been spoilt for choice on my subject matter.  This poppy is as classic as Coco Chanel, perfect in its poppiness.   The crumpled tissue paper bloom is not scarlet, not crimson, not ruby, not maroon or even claret, but red, red red.  One small point of order, this beauty and many similar that were propagated from the same pack of seed, were meant to be white.  You win some, you win some.

6 thoughts on “Colour Scene – Red, red, red

  1. Nothing can be more red than a red poppy!
    (if someone bought the same seeds for a ‘white garden’ I don’t think they are very happy 😉


  2. Beautiful photo, gorgeous flower. A friend grew some Meconopsis seedlings for me, supposedly blue, carefully planted in ericaceous compost they bloomed a brilliant carmine. Perhaps there has been a mix-up in poppy seeds this year?


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