Busman’s Holiday

IMG_0190 (2)Today I gave my poor neglected plot some attention.  For the last couple of months we have had scaffolding at the back of the house and a gaggle of builders working hard to fix various leaks.  The scaffolders did a great job as scaffolders.  The builders did a magnificent job as builders.  Neither of them were much cop as gardeners.   To be fair, they were probably better than I would be at their jobs.  Still, my approach to this ordeal was to prepare as much as I possibly could in advance and then not look at all until it was finished.  No peeking until the last  pole had disappeared down the back lane and the sacks of left over materials were removed from the front garden.  It could have been worse, definitely.   Or perhaps better.  The combination of compaction, cement spillage, sand storms, big boots and opportunistic weeds all during peak season have been the downfall of our bijou garden.  Today I rushed a few victims to intensive care, I scraped up piles of cement and mortar from the borders.  I attacked the bindweed that had taken the opportunity to reinstate its dominance and I planted some purchases that were desperate to feel the soil around their roots.  The liberated include this rich purple dahlia and its deep orange companion.  A lot done, an awful lot still to do ……

16 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday

  1. Sorry to hear about this; I hate to have ANY work done in/around the house but sometimes is inevitable…I am sure you’ll get it back in shape!
    (Dahlia coccinea grown from your seeds is flowering too – including a yellow flower!)


      • Here we have to dug the tubers out in late fall, so in the spring I kept only few I was able to stuff into a small container. But even so every stem flowered and besides the yellow one there was another one with a different red shade, all the other the usual wine red. I look fw to plant the whole clump in the garden next spring!


  2. An oak tree was suppose to have been taken down last October, then in April, and then it came down in July. October and April would have seen little damage but not so much in July. I propped up several bushes, blessed some plants that may make it and mourn the loss of those that won’t. Here’s hoping yours all recover.


  3. Been there! But it’s amazing how quickly it all recovers (obviously with a lot of hard work from you) and how quickly you forget how dreadful it looked after they’d “cleared up” and left.


  4. Oh, I know what it is like, but things will recover and I am sure with your magic touch it will all be looking brilliant very soon. Love the dahlia, I came back from holiday to find mine all in full bloom and some very happy bumble bees enjoying them.


  5. I dread workmen in the garden even Mr Malc when he gets going…is it us or are we too precious, I don’t even mind the g/daughters playing in the garden, they aren’t damaging anything……. love dahlia have loads this year.


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