IMG_0316 (2)On the reverse of this lovely yellow pompom dahlia there is ….. another lovely yellow pompom dahlia.  This is most likely a case of fasciation, a curious phenomena which causes elongation and distortion of stems and flowers.  This anomaly could be caused by a genetic mutation, hormonal imbalance or even an infection, it is difficult to pinpoint.  I have never seen it take this form before, but as a mere beginner in the vagaries of the world this means little.   However, it would be remiss for me not to mention some suspicions I have had for a while.  There have been some strange goings on at The du Mauriers.  The odd muffled explosion from behind locked basement doors,  a fluorescent glow emanating from the greenhouse, regular deliveries from Boffins-r-Us, matching neck bolts; it might all be a coincidence but ……….

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