IMG_0334 (2)Today Lionel asked me what I thought about when I was weeding.  This made me stop to think. In fact there may even have been one of those awkward silences.  Unusual.  A gap in the conversation doesn’t often happen when I am in the room.  It was a fair question, what do I think about when I am weeding. The weeds? The meaning of the universe?  The shopping list?  How to spend the £1 million Premium Bond win which will be waiting for me at home?   In truth I can’t remember thinking about anything much, except perhaps “surely not another bit of couch grass”.  We then spoke about meditation and I wondered if this intense working of the soil is in fact a form of that ancient discipline.  A time when the muddled brain has a chance to realign.  There have been many mysteries solved and problems resolved whilst weeding.

These Mountain Ash berries were providing an early feast for Mr Blackbird.  Better appreciate their tangerine beauty whilst we can.

11 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. My mindset when weeding is much the same as dropping off to sleep and it’s when ideas and creative thoughts tend to come. Struggling with that dock that I should have pulled when it was little is a completely different matter though. Further from Zen you could not get.


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