IMG_0371 (2)Today was my last  day working at Spotty Dotty’s.  It was a tough decision but in the end it was too long a journey to make it a sensible proposition.  A day spent on my own, punctuated by very heavy showers, so vigorous George the cat didn’t even come out to say hello.  In honour of this sad event I would like to precis my short time at this garden.

I lost my camera and fell in some nettles, I chopped 5 million geraniums, I laughed at a Peppa Pig umbrella (broken), I tried not to fall down the slope, I fell down the slope, I got wet, I broke the pond, I loved the wisteria, I skulked in a corner so as not to look at the eclipse, I stroked George, I sang along with the disco chickens, I got ants in my pants,  I had fun, thank you all x


17 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Commute time can take too much out of a day – but it sure sounds like it was a fun and varied job at the end of the drive, never a dull moment!


  2. What a shame you have to leave it sounds as if you had fun there. I do remember some of those incidents and I hope you will find a garden where you can have such hilarious antics. Ok, losing your camera and the nettle business wasn’ t funny at the time. But the way you told it was.


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