Strawberries, No Cream

IMG_0538 Arbutus unedo is strawberry by name but definitely not strawberry by nature.   Admiring the peeling cinamon bark, ivory bell flowers and luscious looking fruit will have to suffice as the Strawberry Tree is not a tasty specimen.  Pliny the Elder apparently commented after tasting just one of the tempting berries “unum tantum edo” meaning “I eat only one”.  Enough said.

13 thoughts on “Strawberries, No Cream

  1. Actually I think they are quite nice. I have a friend who ate lots of them on a walk in the south of France where they grow wild. The result was quite explosive and potentially embarrassing. He just made it home in time.


  2. ‘My love’s an Arbutus, by the borders of Lene, so slender and shapely in her girdle of green….’, and ‘The Strawberry Tree’, a fantastic restaurant we dined at in Killarney in 1992, what lovely memories you have evoked.

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