Coreopsis tinctoria “Quills and Thrills”

IMG_0643Be warned this tickweed is an unruly beggar, unable to stand up on its own, flopping about like a drunken harlequin.  But forewarned is forearmed and some horticultural corsetry can easily control this inelegant lolling.  Surely these singular flowers can be forgiven all but the most serious of misdemeanours? Flaring sleeves of amber, lined with rich terracotta, attached to a boss of bronze dotted with sunshine yellow, fascinating and intriguing.  These special blooms coupled with a curious name makes this easy to grow and hardy annual thoroughly irresistible!

7 thoughts on “Coreopsis tinctoria “Quills and Thrills”

  1. Sounds like a description of me on a Saturday night about 20 years ago Gill. I was unruly and irresistible in those days. At least the Coreopsis gets to reinvent itself every year! I will settle for just being brightly coloured these days 😉


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