Funny Old Day

IMG_0741It was a funny old day from the start.  Not something I could put my finger on, or attempt to explain, but somehow it felt misaligned.

It began by waking a little later than was planned.  The upshot was I didn’t have the benefit of a slow and gentle adjustment from dreamland to what I occasionally call reality.  After a manic rush I was again on schedule, albeit with the prospect of cheese and jam sandwiches for lunch and my pants on my head.  Off to work.

As I approaching The Farm a rabbit ran into the Triangle Bed (my pride and joy) causing me to slam on the brakes and leap out to chase the little beggar out.  At which point I discovered that Bunnyfluffytail and his equally cute extended family had been having a feeding frenzy since I was last in town.  Later I found a dead frog which had obviously been foolish enough to get in the way of their voracious orgy of destruction.   Now I was softly growling (the most scary type), pants were still on my head, and I had developed an alarming twitch.

Calmed somewhat by a cup of caffeine, and pant malfunction kindly pointed out by Mrs G, I was given the Farm update.  This included the sad news that Mrs Duck, who had been doing so well to protect her young, had lost every one of them in the last couple of days.  We suspect a mink.  Grrrrrr!

So boldly out into the fray.  Whoever suggested that we would have showers today should go and look up the meaning of the word.  “A torrential and persistent deluge” would have been a more accurate description.  The soil was cloying and looked sickly, making any attempt to work it both a battle of conscience and deeply unpleasant experience.  Grrrrrrr!  Still some progress was made and although I felt a little guilty leaving the vulnerable (and tasty) plants to their fate, in between “showers” I had managed to dose them with anti-bunny spray.

Homeward bound I was amazed to find myself in some kind of, even now it is hard to believe, “traffic jam”.  This was a blast from my city past.  Then I remembered, it is Carnival night and the whole of North Devon were heading in the same direction as me.  Grrrrrrrr!  Luckily they weren’t actually going to my house.  I couldn’t have coped with that, not all of them, not after the day I have had.

10 thoughts on “Funny Old Day

  1. Oh, those horrible days that start off wrong and never improve. Hope the weather is better for you today. Cannot believe that yesterday’s weather was so bad where you were, we went to Barnstaple to buy a wheelbarrow and it was sunny, just a few miles away from you. Sad about the ducklings and frog, too.


  2. Oh dear .Sometimes one wonders how one can get over such a day but things will suddenly turn….I have to say that.Our moorhen lost her brood……carp ? Herons? Not my lovely fluffy dog ……..surely?it remains a mystery.Then the sudden,very heavy rain brought down a 2metre drystone wall ……yes it had been looking heavily pregnant for some time…
    Today the sun is out again hope it comes out for you too.


  3. I have those days. They usually begin with me leaving my Oyster card at home when I have an 8 O’clock meeting the other side of London. Someone then will often spill their Starbucks coffee on my light coloured trousers and I’ll forget to get off at the correct stop. You just have to move on (albeit looking a little bedraggled).

    PS WordPress has unfollowed me AGAIN! How does is happen? Perhaps we should blame the bunnies? x


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