IMG_0999We were stood up by the dregs of Tropical Storm Henri today, at the last moment he veered off to the east.  This is definitely not a complaint, an unexpected dry day is a joy indeed.  We celebrated at Max’s house by shifting piles of garden detritus up and down his garden’s steep slopes using wheelbarrows, trugs and arms.  After much discussion with Max’s Dad and negotiations with the neighbours, we settled on a bonfire site for the brash, boughs and bad weeds, up hill from the piles.   Then, a much easier decision, ear-marked a new composting area for the work in progress, again up hill.  Lastly a place to pile the beautiful pin-up compost for immediate use, thankfully down hill.   Then it began, the burning, the shifting, the tipping, the raking.  We disturbed and relocated two frogs, one baby toad, a shrew and a slow worm.  By the end of the day we had achieved all we had wanted and whole lot more.  In the dry.  My back is aching, my knees creaking, my arms heavy.  It was a great day.

12 thoughts on “Fire

  1. What a joy to have a dry day when rain was forecast and housework had been planned! Long live the aching back, creaking knees and heavy arms as a result of gardening! Yes, it was a great day here too.


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