Happy Boots

IMG_1247My new boots arrived today.   I love them.  Good boots are an integral part of the gardener’s kit.  They increase the Happiness Factor tenfold.  These will see me safely through the winter and beyond.  They will keep my feet warm and dry.  They will protect my toes from errant forks and soles safe from stray nails.  The only problem is they are too shiny.  Tomorrow I will be working on rectifying this.

18 thoughts on “Happy Boots

  1. And there was me just imagining you flitting from flower to flower in a pair of golden boots
    Anyone seeing you in these will know you are A Very Serious Person


  2. Wow, they look as if they will have the ability to go on, and more importantly, slip off easily! hope you have some comfy house shoes to slip into when you come indoors for your well earned beverage.


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