Dodging the showers today I found respite in L&L’s greenhouse.  On the bench top these delicate succulents languished, also sheltering from the weather.  The diaphanous cowls made me question; what, why and how?  What is the name of these curious plants, why do these fine webs tether each corner and how do they produce this silk-like substance?  Answers would be much appreciated.

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  1. That’s such a fascinating plant! Is it a Sempervivum arachnoideum? I’ve not grown Semps and am ashamed to say I don’t seem to grow most succulents well at all; still trying as they’re mouthwatering plants often enough – like this darling thing!

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  2. I agree with Amy, the ‘Cobweb Plant’. I have no excuse for not finding out more about it as Howard holds a National Collection of Sempervivums (or should it be Semperviva?) here in Peters Marland.


      • That can be arranged, email me some dates, Howard has invited me to visit and I would love to go, too. In the meantime Howard has sent this: ‘The cobwebs start as hair-like filaments connecting the leaf tips in the developing central bud. As the leaves grow the hairs seem to stretch and remain connected to the leaf tips to form the ‘cobweb’. Possibly protects against intense light, dehydration. predation?’


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