Another dowdy day; well dowdy by name but not by nature.  I awoke this morning hoping it was Saturday but knowing that it seldom is.  Rather than a dawn chorus my awakening accompaniment was the dulcet tones of next doors scaffolding being dismantled.  Past the clunks and crashes, chatter and clatter, my bat ears were honed past the lads to work out what the weather was doing.  The results were inconclusive.  The passing cars sounded as if they were driving on wet, the wind was howling but the light was not oppressive enough for a deluge.  Inevitably I had to get out of bed to discover that although it had evidently rained recently, it was dry.  So breakfasted and kitted up I headed off to Max’s for a day of camellia moving, fern destruction and tree debate.  Naturally it rained heavily at random intervals but this was balanced by a sense of belonging, of beginning to understand this wonderful garden.  Of being involved and embraced.  Who cares it wasn’t a Saturday?  They are so over-rated!

We are going away for a few days.  Not far and not for long, but a holiday.  Can’t wait.  See you later alligator.

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