Another GPAP – Orangish


If there was a Desert Island Discs for trees (unlikely) and I was ever invited to be a guest on the programme (the odds are lengthening now) the crab apple would definitely be one of my chosen. Unbeatable blossom, fruit that is both beautiful and delicious (with a little culinary assistance), fine autumn colour and friend to the wildlife.  Ask me a tricky one!

8 thoughts on “Another GPAP – Orangish

      • It is a tricky one. Transitoria and Charlottae are long time favourites. Charlotte has delicately fragrant flowers. Indian Magic and Jelly King are 2 new ones that have caught my eye recently. I love them all; if I had room I would make a grove of them. In fact in a previous garden that is just what I did.


  1. Beat me to it .I was just about to ask what variety it is as we still have malus on our wish list.
    Stunning pic .Good for the soul


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