GPAP and there’s more ….


You could be forgiven for thinking that I had painted the thin cerise lines down each side of this phormium’s gloriously strappy leaves.  Then you would remember that if I had attempted the job it wouldn’t be half as neat, so beautifully applied, so perfectly framing the stripes of green and cream.  This plant was given to me by a lady in Bristol who had grown it from seed and I often wonder if the other seedling grew up to be so fine.  Then it was barely out of nappies, now it has grown into a stunning specimen.  For all this, I must admit that I rarely look at it for most of the year.  This is in part due to chronic ostrich-itis; it is desperate for re-potting and rather than spend 15 minutes doing just that I would rather spend six months averting my eyes.  But it is for the main because it is now, in the depths of winter, that it really comes into its own.

11 thoughts on “GPAP and there’s more ….

  1. Gorgeous leaves, I bet it looks really stunning and worth looking after. I have some pots that would benefit from a trip to the potting shed – on my ‘To-Do’ list for January.


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