First Day of Term


Have I mentioned before just how brilliant I am?  Before Christmas I asked Mrs Bun exactly what her plans were for the unsightly pot of manky leaves that had sat in the greenhouse for the past year.  She explained that it had been a gift, had never flowered, and held little sentimental significance.  Bin it then, I said, with love.  The pot was duly removed, plonked down on route to the green bin and forgotten. Yes, you have guessed it, above is the self same plant.  The photo was taken today having spent the last two months outside in rain, frost, wind and combinations of the same.  Of course this was none other than the famous “last resort” horti trick of threatening a plant with the compost bin/bonfire/recycle in order to inspire it to blossom.  What did I tell you, pure brilliance!  And if you believe that ……

By the way, my first day back was great, creaking a little now though!

16 thoughts on “First Day of Term

  1. What a welcome back !gosh so beautiful.
    It is surprising how often abandonment turns out to be just what the plant needed and the surprise and delight of a renewed acquaintance is twice as sweet.


  2. Ah – I have used that trick many times and it is surprising how often it works. I have a rule – two moves and you are out! I give the poor plant the benefit that I might have put it in the wrong place, but after the second move it is on its last chance. Amazing how often it pulls its socks up!
    Do you know what plant it is?


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