I am not sure I approve of naming storms.  Is it (foolishly in my mind) to foist human characteristics on these tumults of skinny isobars?  If so, I would say this Imogen gal is having one heck of a hissy fit. Definitely not bessie mate material.

What we need on days such as this is a furry magnolia bud.  Luckily I was keeping one in reserve in case of such eventualities.

15 thoughts on “Furry

  1. Probably it is easier to keep their records if they have names…
    Anyway the furry one 🙂 is looking furry-licious (I made the word up but makes sense to me :))


  2. I don’t mind the hurricane names because a great conversation starter is always “So, how’d you make out during Sandy?” or “Which do you think was worse, Sandy or Gloria?” and everyone knows exactly which hurricane you mean. But naming winter storms is definitely overkill. Why can’t we just keep on referring to them as “that miserable mid-January blizzard”, “that lousy late March ice storm”, or “the %$*&#@! holiday nor’easter”? Winter storms don’t deserve names, LOL

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  3. Lovely furry bud. I’ m surprised it’ s not been blown off. I imagine somebody called Imogen as graceful, elegant and a bit reserved in manner. Certainly not someone who is a raging sociopath, having an out of control tantrum. No, not best friend material.


  4. Lovely photo. I liked the response above about hurricanes having names and skipping the rest of it. It seems to me that weather reporting has taken on a whole new life. Our local channel some evenings have three weather reporters. Really? I need three people to tell me what it’s doing outside. I’m mature enough to know I can look out the window and take a good guess. 🙂


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