Yesterday there was an unexpected frost.  In this neck of the woods even if they forecast one, it is met with doubt until it actually manifests itself.  This is why I was surprised when I arrived at The Farm to find a white smattering over the evergreen plants and mulch in the Welcome Border.  A little later, after my “site inspection”, it appears it was the only spot affected, but it is a lesson indeed. This is a vulnerable spot.  We live and learn and this will influence any future planting. Probably.

It was a good day, if not a little crazy.  This is after all The Farm.  The weather was intermittent sun and showers.   Master G has begun the main vegetable garden project earlier in the week and this was continued by Slasher.  He bedded in recycled paving slabs to act as both a boundary and a path.  Being the seasoned engineer that he is, he even used a line and tape.  Further up the garden I dug nettles and creeping buttercup out of the sweet pea bed whilst Mrs G pruned the blackcurrants.  We prefer to use The Force for our measurements.  Turf was shifted, potatoes chitted, cannas repotted, verbena sown.  At all times we were closely supervised by White Spot the chicken.


As I drove home, in an outrageous downpour with the low sun blasting in my rear view mirror, the most magnificent rainbow appeared above the Devon bank.  I took that as a very positive sign.


17 thoughts on “Frost!

  1. Super rainbow against that forbidding sky! We’ve had frosts in London nearly every morning this week but the magnolia is unscathed thank goodness. Should I be repotting my cannas now? Some are ‘resting’ in the shed and some are in the greenhouse.

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  2. A lovely rainbow. We haven’ t had much frost this year, at least I don’ t think so, I am not an early riser. But endless, endless rain makes the gardener’ s lot a very, squelchy, muddy business indeed.


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