Poppy seed

What is better than a good experience?  To share that experience with others.  What is better than a great plant?  You’ve guessed it, to share those plants with others.  Today I went to Incredible Edible Ilfracombe’s event at the newly reopened Lantern, a Green and Growing Seed Swap.  I came home with a fine haul; Thai basil,  French Bean “Kew Blue”, rocket, poached egg plant and Tomato “Tangella”.  I tried to wrestle a packet of Cosmos “Xanthos” out of Hero’s hands but she is too strong and she fights dirty.  As I was under-organised I had nothing to swap so instead I made a donation.  But I was at fault, money was not the point of this exercise.  The Incredible Edible network is made up of like minded folk across the country who are setting up community projects, for young and old, growing food, having fun, learning lessons and of course sharing.  They have a site not 5 minutes walk from my home, I really have no excuse to find out more about what they do and why.  So to begin I will share the so simple, but so seemingly hard to grasp, idea that it is good to share and it is even better to share growing things to eat.

17 thoughts on “Share

  1. What a brilliant idea, anything that engages a community and children and grows food is good for everyone. I’m off out to sow some seeds today, I’m sure spring is not far away.


  2. Shame you missed out on the Cosmos Xanthos! I have my very own packet to try this season for the first time year/ I am expecting great things … hope I’m not disappointed!!


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