IMG_5644Just as Brucie has “Nice to see you”, Larry Grayson “Shut that door!” and James T “Beam me up Scottie”, I too have a catchphrase.  It is the rather snappy,”Don’t worry, it’s just a shower!”.

After spending a restless night in which the Valkyries hammered at our window demanding entry for hours on end, I drove to work through the hail storm from hell.  “Don’t worry” I thought “its just a shower”.  Shortly after, as I sat in Lavinia and Lionel’s kitchen sipping a cup of their finest coffee, I looked out of the window.  To my surprise the sky was full of white fluffy stuff “Good golly” I mused “that’s proper snow” followed swiftly by “Don’t worry, it’s just a shower”.  So gallantly I donned full waterproof kit: hat, snood, oversized jacket, trousers, boots – nothing could encroach this meteorological force field.  After some, I thought rather cruel, laughter from Lav I set to work, undaunted.  This heralded the sun’s dramatic arrival.  What followed was a horticultural striptease and the realisation that I had had no need to worry at all, it really was “just a shower”. Who would have thought it?  I was right all along!


12 thoughts on “Catchphrase

  1. Good for you, I’ve had a week of ‘am I, aren’t I’ dithering and looking skyward, best to be totally positive and believe in showers.


  2. Always best to keep something in reserve in case the weather gets even worse, no? 😉 Words and wellies alike!
    Of course, it’s the other way round out here in the desert. My current catchphrase being, ‘no, not hot, it’s only warm…’


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