IMG_5644Just as Brucie has “Nice to see you”, Larry Grayson “Shut that door!” and James T “Beam me up Scottie”, I too have a catchphrase.  It is the rather snappy,”Don’t worry, it’s just a shower!”.

After spending a restless night in which the Valkyries hammered at our window demanding entry for hours on end, I drove to work through the hail storm from hell.  “Don’t worry” I thought “its just a shower”.  Shortly after, as I sat in Lavinia and Lionel’s kitchen sipping a cup of their finest coffee, I looked out of the window.  To my surprise the sky was full of white fluffy stuff “Good golly” I mused “that’s proper snow” followed swiftly by “Don’t worry, it’s just a shower”.  So gallantly I donned full waterproof kit: hat, snood, oversized jacket, trousers, boots – nothing could encroach this meteorological force field.  After some, I thought rather cruel, laughter from Lav I set to work, undaunted.  This heralded the sun’s dramatic arrival.  What followed was a horticultural striptease and the realisation that I had had no need to worry at all, it really was “just a shower”. Who would have thought it?  I was right all along!


12 thoughts on “Catchphrase

  1. Always best to keep something in reserve in case the weather gets even worse, no? 😉 Words and wellies alike!
    Of course, it’s the other way round out here in the desert. My current catchphrase being, ‘no, not hot, it’s only warm…’


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