Yesterday I met up with the wonderful Malvern Maid and her lovely Malvern Man to explore Marwood Hill Gardens.  We had a great time.  The Big Three of plants, cake and shopping were achieved.  It was a splendid day.  There was a surfeit of gossiping and tangents and gasping. It was very good.

And it got me to thinking about friends.  This is only the fourth time I have met MM and I know very little about her history, the details of her life are a little vague, and she would say the same about me.  But that doesn’t matter.  We clicked the first time we met and this hasn’t diminished, we hit the ground running. It is an easy relationship, no need to impress, undemanding, not forced and above all honest.  The essence of friendship.  Some of my friends are a little hard to handle, some are quiet and contemplative.  Some I see often, some rarely.  Some are gardeners, some not.  They all have a special place in my heart.  These friends support me when necessary and I try to do the same in return.   So these delicate scilla are a gift* for my friends, old, new, virtual and real.  I am lucky gal.

*  When I say these are a gift, it doesn’t mean you can go to Marwood and take these flowers,  just look at the pretty picture and be happy.

18 thoughts on “Friends

  1. A wonderful day had by all. So true about friends ~ I feel there’s a bit of old, new, virtual and real in our long but brief friendship! It’s great.
    I do think Maggy Sue had lost a bit too much weight!


  2. I hope I am not classed as ‘difficult’, although I prefer not to be easy 😉. I find the best friends one can kick off with at any time, no matter how long the void. In fact I have a very dear and special friend coming to stay this weekend that, until Christmas, I had not seen for 6 years. Yet when we got together those 6 years felt more like 6 minutes. Glad you enjoyed your day 🤓


  3. Slipping in to enjoy a few scilla (as they certainly do make me happy!), with thanks and a promise to leave the real thing at Marwood, where it will be much happier than in my hot little garden… 😉 Lovely post!


  4. ‘Meaningful friendships don’t suffer from the lack of a weekly catch-up. If anything, they are stronger for being absent and re-found’, – Cathy Rogers, Independent on Sunday, 7th February 2016. This struck a cord with me as I have friends in so many different parts of the country that I cannot see as often as I would like to.


  5. You’ve put it very well. It is a delight to hit it off with someone straight away, especially as we grow older; and it is a gift to have friends from our youth who are still friends.


  6. Lovely scillas and sentiment. Writing a garden blog brings you many new friends which is life enhancing. Even though you never meet most of them, they are still a delight. A shared interest makes a real bond. Specially when you share a similar sense of humour and you find blogging chums with a highly developed sense of the ridiculous. Then you really strike gold.


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