Lightning Hits Twice


A tough morning.  It had been a restless sleep disturbed by raging storms and appropriately bizarre nightmares but I had no chance to be bleary eyed.  Walking from the front door to my car the unremitting wind and accompanying vicious showers suggested strongly that I return to my bed.  Tempting, but I pushed on.   Crazy stallions were stampeding towards the shore and I worried about those who were out at sea and for those who might have to save those poor souls. Soon I was cajoling Max’s less-than-keen Dad into the garden (yes you’ve guessed it “Its just a shower!”).  We struggled through the gales and rain like evil needles, whilst we dug up more of the dull fuchsias and ferns and non-performing azaleas.  All this on a steep slope, muddy underfoot.  To add insult to injury, gusts shoved us spitefully like a school bully, while trees groaned beside us mimicking our own misery.

After a soothing lunch of soup, bread, cheese and chat, I was refreshed and refuelled and ready to continue the fight.  Then the kamikaze scaffolders arrived to take down the scaffolding and a car was in the way.  So when MD said “The car has to be moved, shall we go to Marwood to see what they’ve got in the Plant Centre?” I was buckled into the car before minds could be changed.  So I was back at Marwood again, twice in one week!  We met the lovely Marwood gang, drank coffee in the inner sanctum, cuddled a lurcher puppy, bought bergenia, veronica, hellebores and cleyera and admired the greenhouse camellias.  Some of these camellias will be exhibited this weekend at the Early Camellia Show at RHS Rosemoor, surely this virginal white, gold bossed “Coronation” is a contender?  Now what’s that other saying?  Oh yes “third time lucky”!

13 thoughts on “Lightning Hits Twice

  1. So you had a little bit of a breeze then? Round here, a storm is where the mud underfoot is also under a foot deep raging torrent of water. Where, if the wind’s in the right direction, you don’t walk to the car, you just jump up and land beside it. Trouble is that these storms can frighten the cat and I find I have to stay in bed to cuddle him and calm him down. Otherwise, I’d be out there……


  2. The joys of the North Devon storm. Remember them very well esp at ilfracombe comp :0) think the trip to marwood sounded the perfect idea


  3. I was a bit surprised that this ‘Little Gale’ did not get a name, how bad do the Met Office have to think it is going to get before it gets a name? It has been one of the worst gales of the winter here, I was most impressed that you were out in it!


  4. Of all the indignities the weather is inflicting on us, I think the mud is the worst. The daffodils are spattered with the stuff, just when they were doing their best to look pretty and cheerful. I can see the appeal of your outing.


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