11 thoughts on “Gorse

  1. oh, gorse is the worst. I had my legs severely damaged once, when a couple of mischievous Scotsmen send me into a field of it to look for their golfballs. But it is pretty to look at – from afar…


  2. Lovely to see so much of its sunny yellow flowers around at the moment, along the coast and in the countryside. I love its coconut smell too, but try to avoid close contact when out walking, like Lyart I have had a few too close encounters with the prickles. Have a good trip, the weather should be good to you.


  3. I’m glad I read this today. Far too late I know but at least I learnt why there had been no posts from you for the last 5 days. ‘Aren’t I allowed a few days off !’ I hear you exclaim in exasperation. Maybe….but waking from a Rip van Winkle sleep I urgently needed a choice drug: something to stimulate the eyes & good writing to read. & scrolling back there it was!


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