Second Gear


We seem to have slipped quite nicely into second gear.  Spring has officially sprung and trundling along in first gear will not be possible any longer.  Soon hyper-drive will kick in and our faces will be doing that attractive g-force thing.  Luckily we have all spent the winter months wisely; preparing, planning, scheduling.  After all it is the same each year, isn’t it?  So we know the rules. We wouldn’t be so foolish as to have wasted time faffing or prevaricating or moaning about the weather?  Never!

11 thoughts on “Second Gear

  1. Despite my best intentions, I still haven’t sort out support for my climbing roses – I fully intended getting out there over the winter with wire and hooks/screws/vine eyes (which I haven’t bought) but…


  2. I should say something about someone complaining 😉 but everything is forgotten now, indeed the hyper-drive will kick in, until next….


  3. The weather is so lovely and sunny today that I should be ready to go in whatever gear, most of me is, but my back has decided otherwise. Arrgghhhh!


      1. Thank you, am off to my lovely physio for a pummelling. That will help as my misbehaving bits will soon know who is boss.


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