This osteospermum has over wintered in the relatively balmy conditions of the greenhouse at The Farm.  Last autumn I dug up a few “just in case’s” which have turned into “just as well’s”.  The harsh winds have scorched those that were left to fend for themselves, their frazzled leaves painful to behold.  How well they will recover is yet to be seen, but if they have succumbed then we have back up.  As the days and nights get warmer, and encouraged with either a repot or dose of organic fertiliser, soon the pampered few will be sprouting new cutting material.  I can then propagate enough to grace the garden for another year.  The text book tells us to remove these flowers so the plant can concentrate on foliage rather than expending excess energy on frivolous flowers.  These early season blooms are worth a thousand later in the season, so bah sucks to you text book, I will take my chances!

4 thoughts on “Rebel

  1. Osteospermums,the tender ones that is, can be lovely plants. However the hardy ones are thugs, IME! The way a single plant has now expanded beats the invasive muscarii I’m digging out by the bucketful. In a container, lovely. In the ground, nay, neddy, nay! I’ve had to sacrifice a nice rose to the invasive embrace. If yours are tender and have come thru the mild winter, that’s great. But if they are the tough types, chop round and contain them.

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