Sometimes a day is more difficult than it deserves to be.  It was a little like that today.  For no particular reason, I was more Eeyore than Tigger.  Lavinia, not tip top herself, was patience itself whilst I walked into bird tables, tripped over bricks and generally staggered about the place like a lump of over-proven dough.  Just as I was leaving, a little tulip caught my eye.  Earlier we had been inspecting this bed and it was yet to open, it made for a precious private moment.  Now tell me that pink and yellow don’t go.  If you dare.

12 thoughts on “Dare

  1. Probably why it took me about twenty years before I tried T. saxatalis. Plus a move to a mild-winter climate where it is one of the few tulip candidates available, as it does not require winter chill. I finally saw my first T s flowers this spring.
    Pink and yellow go together. Definitely 🙂


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