Ways and Means


There are ways and means.  You may not need a hammer to crack an egg, but it is very helpful to have a mini digger to get out an old root stump or ten.  I explained to Lord and Lady Mantle that all the aristo’s have stumperies these days, but they weren’t convinced.  In fact I don’t think they believe me that such a thing could exist.  A gently sloping lawn and a rose covered arbour were requested, none of that mucky modern upside down rubbish.  Very tasteful, very classy.   In the earth-moving process several more of Her Ladyship’s empty gin bottles were uncovered and a pile of old bricks, possibly the former outside privy.  Very tasteful, very classy.

ps  I don’t really mind that they don’t want a stumpery, they are quite fun though.

pps Teasing aside, Lord and Lady Mantle are classy in all the important ways eg they make good bacon butties.

ppps First one to spot Lord Mantle in the photo gets a blue smartie.  Helpful hint – he isn’t the one driving the JCB.

9 thoughts on “Ways and Means

  1. I can see it right to the left of the Magnolia (left – looking at the computer); I know I won’t get anything 😦


  2. Yes, to the left; not much of him showing, though. A stumpery, hmm; that’s a new one for me. Although, there are so many recently logged forests in our part of the world that there are bound to be many hectares of stumpery. I hate to think how many.


    1. I realise that, do you know anyone who has one ……. To be fair they haven’t the room for one. I am so mean to them, they don’t deserve it as they are lovely. It is all said with love 🙂


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