This is Tulip “Blue Diamond”.  When I bought the bulbs at last autumn’s Malvern Show I didn’t really believe they would be blue.  But a little bit of me hoped they would be.  The little bit that would like to believe in Father Christmas or that I will win the Lottery or that George Clooney is regretting marrying that skinny maid and has come to appreciate the more padded torso.  They are blooming now and although the peony formed flowers are undoubtedly beautiful they are definitely not blue.  Or diamonds, come to think of it.

14 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Who wants a picky guy like George Clooney, anyway? It seemed like it took him forever to settle down. That tulip, on the other hand, although not blue, is a keeper. It has a beautiful shape and is very photogenic.


  2. Still a beautiful tulip and I am also a George Clooney fan – kneepads drawn if he comes to North Devon?


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