This creamy California poppy was a surprise sighting today, poking its head through some spent hyacinth flowers, enjoying today’s outrageous sunshine.  Is this a portent?  Is it heralding spring moving into summer, the victor in the battle between the seasonal neighbours?  But just a moment, hold your horses!  It is only the beginning of May, we shouldn’t be talking of such things yet.  This was spring in disguise, getting a little above it’s station.  Today, the first day of true warmth, the natural world was in hyper drive.  Unfortunately I seemed to be trapped in slow motion, the speed of change disconcerting after months of cruising gear.  Soon enough I was back into my stride, planting and weeding and planning and smiling.  As often happens at this time of year, I stood for just a moment, looked about me and thought “what a lucky maid I am”.

We also ate the first radishes of the year, five imperfect jewels were harvested from the raised bed.  They were sweet and peppery and as fresh as a summer shower.  They were reserved for lunch time when they were savoured like none will be again.  Until next year.

I returned home having been reconnected with the sensation of sun warmed limbs, weary but fortified.

5 thoughts on “Disguise

  1. Let that poppy go to seed and you will have hundreds more, or at least that’s what’s happened in my garden. I don’t mind, though: they are lovely. Ha ha, I’m a lucky maid, too.


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