The Cutting Room


Today myself and Max’s Dad staggered up the hill to The Round House.  This garden is a joy, full of wonders and, luckily for us, owned by some old friends.  We were on a hunting expedition, and our quarry was some of the special plants that live here.  But we weren’t armed with spade or trowel, we were here to take cuttings, naturally the full permission of the guardians of these treasures.  Some time later we tripped back down the hill with plastic bags full of promise and heads full of names to remember.  Seedlings of a white Begonia evansiana and a yet to be identified tree sucker (apparently fragrant and begins with a “C”), cutting material from a variegated Erysimum linifolium, Fuchsia splendens, a buttercup yellow halimiocistus, an optimistic single piece of Pseudowintera colorata and five sturdy shoots of  Echium candicans.  These were processed and potted up in the persistent rain that had taunted us all day.  A few words of encouragement and over to you chaps for a bit of serious root growing.  Please.

The Round House always has wonderful tubs and planters and this year is no exception.  This fragrant little nemesia caught both my eye and my nose.  Buxom dancing lady by sight, vanilla ice cream by scent.  Delicious!

One thought on “The Cutting Room

  1. What a wonderful bag of treasures, some of them I have not come across and will have to look up and covert, no doubt. I agree about that most delicious scent from nemesias, I have several plants in three different colours this year, white, mauve and the deepest purple, I just love them.


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