Entente Cordiale


We should have been full to bursting after our trip on Sunday, but we had left just enough room for pudding.  Yesterday we went to see Phlomis Flo and TT and their amazing garden on the Mortehoe cliffs.  The sun had exhausted itself on Sunday and in its absence the mizzle was having its day.  This didn’t matter, the garden was still stunning.  I have been here many times and still wonder at its beauty.  The dry stone terraces are packed with plants from across the globe, all living happily together.  As Flo says, they should be an example to us all.

You will be pleased to know that today I went to work.

4 thoughts on “Entente Cordiale

      1. I would love that! I’ve just checked a travel book out of the library–Devon and Cornwall. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles to overcome. For one thing, I’m on the list for hip replacement surgery and our wait lists are long, so it probably won’t happen until April of next year. Still, I’m looking forward to walking without lurching from side to side–won’t that be a treat?


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