Over the past couple of weeks I have depended greatly on the kindness of friends.  In my exhausting and tedious attempts to keep this horticultural ship on the high seas they have ferried me to mechanics, picked me up from mechanics, tailed me at a safe distance to mechanics, worried about me as I kangerooed into the distance, listened to my incessant moaning, soothed my frazzled nerves and generally been the bestest.  No tutting, no sighing, no hesitation.  The Favour Chart is full of gold stars and I owe lots of returns, but as a stopgap here is a very nice helenium for you to admire.  Of course this is not much of a reward, especially to Max’s Dads as it is their plant and they can just pop out into the garden and see it at any time.  It will however have to suffice until I manage to persuade Mr Branson to lend me Necker Island and one of his planes to get us all there.  Thanks marvellous mates, you are stars!

ps car is still in the garage ……..

2 thoughts on “Kind

  1. Cars and Broadband connection, we just cannot do without them, hope your car is back on the road soon and it is not too expensive to fix. The Helenium is lovely, I can imagine Max’s Dads enjoying that one.


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