This is the second season for Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Summer Nights’ and it is only now getting into its stride.  Last year it staggered along in a very mediocre way and I feared for its future. It fared slightly better than its partner, it failed to make it through the winter to sprout another day. The combination of rabbit snacking and being a bit of a wimpy specimen was too much of a disadvantage.   In the past I have tried to grow the false sunflower from seed, but have always failed to get it to the “stride” stage.  Perhaps they are tricky.  Perhaps I am rubbish.  However, my first success has not disappointed me.  Aubergine stems hold up the solar powered daisy-like flowers, a petite 5cm across, the golden intensified by the dark.  It stands 1.5 high, but it is lax in habit and elegant in form.  At The Farm it is using the rich purple-pink and robust Salvia involucrata as a crutch.  This colour combination is yet to be truly tested, but I am hopeful.

5 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Sounds like a very good combination to me. We are all elegant gardeners, and a bit of mud just adds to our glamour.


  2. Rabbit snacking–doesn’t sound good at all. It’s funny how you can put two identical plants into the ground side by side and one makes it and the other doesn’t. Judging by your photo, this one looks like a keeper.

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